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About BERT

We are something new. We are BERT! 


BERT is a music label dedicated to young musical talent and to be more specific for Dutch artists and bands. BERT provides the opportunity for national and international presentation. In addition to our full-service promotion and marketing in the Netherlands, we have a very extensive network of international radio stations, blogs and websites as well as partnerships with music labels abroad.


BERT is exciting, challenging, new, enterprising, a feeling, a friend, full of idealism, adventurous and honest.


We need you, without you there’s no BERT. We want to be there for you, we want to be a part of you, together we make BERT, together we are BERT. 

So do not doubt, do not be anxious, shy or cautious, send us your music. Bert makes no value judgments, we see opportunities. Together with you we like to build a common musical future.


BERT is a sub-label of TCBYML (This Could Be Your Music Label). About TCBYML: This Amsterdam music label was founded in 2012 and is a fully digital music company. Our releases appear only as a download and can be streamed on all major digital platforms.

The company consists of five divisions: New Music, Catalogue, Classical, Marketing Services and Music Publishing.

Artists of TCBYML in the Netherlands are among others: Harts, Caravan Palace, Puggy, Satellite Stories, Klischée, FM Laeti, Little Comets, Kakkmaddafakka, Bryce Vine, Bare Jams, We Were Evergreen and Groenland.

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