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Bony Macaroni - Doom - Single


Sophomore single by brand-new Dutch Indie Rock 3-piece

Bony Macaroni are making self-loathing cool again. At least, they hope so. Because, after previous failed attempts at life in general, these dudes want to give a fuck again. Their moderately heart-wrenching and semi-catchy debut EP will hit the digital shelves early 2019. With potential bangers such as debut single Piece of Shit and upcoming single Doom, probably nothing can stop these guys (we think).

Doom is a song about having big dreams and big plans and about wasting your summers indoors because you’re both too lazy and too scared to do anything about ‘em. So yeah, happy song about being unhappy with who you are, and what you (don’t) do.

First single Piece Of Shit immediately landed on a multitude of Spotify Playlists with several tens of thousands of followers like New Punk Tracks by Spotify, Punk Unleashed by Spotify, and Rocking Indie by PopFiltr a.o. and brought the band critically acclaimed international press.

It's Not Records (USA)
- "f*cking awesome"

Rock The Pigeon (USA)
- "sweet, anthemic pop punk with a pounding, raucous approach"

For fans of: Weezer, Frank Turner, Modern Baseball, Blink-182

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