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What happens if you put an audiotist and a pie loving hazard to society together?

Well you get a Lush Puppy.


What's Lush Puppy you ask?

It's a mix between electronica, kickass beats, punk guitar riffs and a vocalist who raps like a little demon and sings like an angel. Contradictional all over but ain't that when the real flavors come out? Forget the served on aplatter, the manners. Just take it in!

Lush Puppy is a band with Gabriel Vezzola also known as DJ Gabriel from, among others, the DJ duo Gabriel & Castellon. Gabriel has worked with Sam Feldt, Robin S and Todd Terry in recent years. Lush Puppy a collaboration with Roos Ooteman (graduated from the Rock Academy Tilburg) seems like a considerable step out of his comfort zone but isn't.


Lush Puppy
A drunkard; A variation on "booze-hound"
She says she doesn't need to drink to have fun, but we all know she's a real lush puppy.

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