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“I’m color, I’m black & white, I’m Everything. I’m Not.Your.Regular.Boy. I don’t wanna identify myself as a man or a woman but as a human, as Not.Your.Regular.Boy. I don’t try to be labeled."

Not.Your.Regular.Boy. is Ferry de Ruiter from Amsterdam. When he was only 5 years old, his father started to dissect the arrangements of the music they were listening to and make him aware of all the instruments. His inspiration became older music from the 60s to the 90s. From The Beatles to Blondie and from Culture Club to Queen. Participating in The Voice Of Holland he found himself the first person worldwide ever in this show to appear in full drag.

After changing his name into his new moniker, Ferry started his follow-up journey. Together with Amsterdam producers collective Voice Calling Radio (Sweetwood, Rembrandtpark) he has recorded a multitude of songs of which Get Down Make Love is the second single. Expect a mix of Empire Of The Sun, Brandon Flowers and Perfume Genius. But then differently, because he is Not.Your.Regular.Boy.


On debut single Crazyland:

"In some respects, he is like David Bowie – a chameleon of his art, where no two songs sound the same. His style, though, is more along the lines of contemporary alt-rock fused with electronic, electro-rock, and even doses of art-pop-rock, as evidenced by his new single, Crazyland." - The Revue

"This is really well written and put together" - Indie Shuffle

"Well produced and distinctive with a retro tinge." - MP3 Hugger

"I like the dynamic of the song with 80s influences" - Indie Music Nation

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